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Includes up to 3 users

All Features Included

Maximize utility across your entire firm
Everything in Plus
Research service access


uploads for Apps included
Automated PACER searches and alerts
Business bankruptcies database
Event monitoring & alerts
Custom views of your data
Firm cases monitoring
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Includes up to 3 users

Value for Key Features

Automation for lower volume firms
Everything in Basic
App Store access for integrations


uploads for Apps included
Custom file names
Auto-track any case
CourtDrive built-in calendar
Filings reports
Phone support
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Includes up to 3 users

Focus on Cost Savings

Essential features only
Auto-download ECF Notices
Auto-share PDFs
Per-case distribution lists
Local court and NCL access
Click-to-add dates to Outlook & G-cal.
Bulk download PDFs and combine
Client code tracking
Email support
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Pro plan for larger enterprises

Firms with 16 or more attorneys enjoy all features with access to optional add-ons:

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Azure Active Directory
Control your security
Simplify authentication


Email, phone, Zoom training
Comprehensive help center
Articles, videos, FAQs


Well documented


Unique requirements
Custom file naming
Custom subject lines

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Benefits enjoyed with all plans


All PACER courts and queries
Screenshots of every purchase
Community shared database


Combined or separate PDFs
Per case distribution lists
PDF of minute orders


Bulk PDF import / download
Boolean docket searches
Bulk case tagging/organization


Every page optimized
Readability emphasized
Full functionality

Financial Reporting

Real-time reporting
Unified reporting
Client codes supported

User Management

Role based users
Admin control over users
Add users in bulk

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ECF-Notices Automation
Auto-download, save and organize free look PDFs
Auto-share permanent free look to distribution list per case
Auto-create My Cases list for 24/7 viewing and reference
Auto-rename PDF and upload to storage or management system
Search, filter and save custom views of all ECF activity
Review and tracking of ECF related tasks
Receive daily summary email of all activity
Federal Cases Access and Automation
Search and access all federal cases
PACER NCL real time access
All PACER queries (complete dockets, claims, assoc cases, etc.)
Bulk download, print, and more
Screenshots of PACER activity
Automated PACER searches and alerts
Research cases with boolean phrases to find anything fast
Business petitions database included
PDF full text search of all PDFs
Click-to-add dates from ECF Notices and dockets to Google or Outlook
CourtDrive automated built-in calendar
Automated calendar feed to any calendar client
App Store Access and Integrations (NetDocs, iManage, Clio, etc.)
Auto-rename and upload PDFs to choice of third party service
Number of PDF uploads included per month for 1-2 attorneys
Cost per PDF over included amount
15 cents
25 cents
Alerts and Tracks
Auto-track any case
Auto-track any party
Auto-track any keyword
Business bankruptcies bulletin
Litigation reports
Custom tags for cases
Custom file names
Custom subject lines
Custom metadata for iManage and NetDocs integrations
API Access (add-on pricing through
Client code tracking
PACER expense tracking
Roles based user management
Online Help Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day trial work?
Free trials are for new customers only. You must be an attorney or law firm to get a free trial. After requesting a trial, if qualified you will be emailed a link to signup online. You will need to enter a credit card and complete checkout. Your card will NOT get charged at checkout. At the end of the 30 days, your card will get charged unless you cancel. You may cancel anytime by logging in and clicking "cancel" under the subscriptions section of your account settings.

How do I signup?

To join the CourtDrive community, just request a free trial as described above.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. CourtDrive provides a month to month service, so you can cancel anytime. If you cancel you will be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.

Can I switch plans at any time?

Are there any set up fees?