If you need PACER, you can’t live without CourtDrive

Whether you are looking to automate your workflow or directly reduce your PACER bill, get ready to take
the driver’s seat.

CourtDrive provides a single cloud based system for PACER, ECF notices, third party integrations, calendaring and other filings workflow management needs.

ECF Notices Automatically
Saved, Synced, and Shared

CourtDrive automates the various workflows law firms employ to handle their ECF notices. Text and PDF data from ECF notices is easily manipulated to deliver information to whomever and however desired. Different constituents in the firm can satisfy their needs by utilizing global or per-case email distribution of free-looks, always updated online access to dockets, and/or automated delivery of information via API.

Real Time PACER Interface

CourtDrive seamlessly integrates with PACER and each of the local jurisdictions directly. Whether you want to search the NCL or a specific court for up to the minute filings, you can easily do so with a simple interface. You also have complete access to all of PACER’s queries for every case (only service to do this!). Combined with our other tool sets, CourtDrive can reduce your PACER expense by over 70%.

No-Code Integrations With Tools You Already Use

Automatically upload PDFs from ECF Notices and PACER to any of these apps

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Build Your Own Custom Integration

Whether you have a proprietary case management system or just need to automate a specific task, our APIs empower you to build exactly what you need. Access CourtDrive and PACER data programatically to access dockets, claims, PDFs and more. Here are just a few examples of what you can automate:
  • Store your ECF free-looks
  • Run SSN & party name checks
  • SCRA searches
  • Litigation monitoring
  • Download complaints
  • Track cases, dockets & more

Calendaring Made Easy

CourtDrive provides powerful calendaring tools, capturing dates from your ECF notices and any PACER docket, allowing you to have all your case hearings added to Google Calendar or Outlook. You can manually add dates with a couple of clicks or use our API for more automation.

Full Text PDF Search & More

With keyword searching, you can sift through millions of records in seconds by combining keywords with logical operators and filters. Every PDF in our system, from PACER and ECF, is transformed into searchable text so you can find anything, fast. Quickly find samples, research issues, or gather sets of documents.

Create Custom Email Alerts

With CourtDrive, you can decide what’s critical and when to have it emailed to you. You can create custom keyword alerts across cases using boolean search parameters for text within PDFs. You can also get alerts on individual cases and set custom criteria to receive reports of newly filed cases.

Filings Workflow Management Tool

Managing different workflows within large firms can be challenging. CourtDrive allows you to use different tools simultaneously to help manage different workflow needs. Docketing clerks can collaborate and tackle tasks for each filing received across thousands of cases and individually handle special projects or high-volume matters. Whether you need better email distribution,online task management, or automated file naming and storing, CourtDrive puts you in the drivers seat.

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