Save time and money by cutting your PACER habit

CourtDrive provides a single cloud based system for PACER, ECF notices, and docket management needs. Saving time and money just got a lot easier.

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How It Works

Put ECF Notices on Auto-Pilot

Setup our ECF email manager to make sure all your dockets, claims, and pleadings from all your cases are permanently stored and organized for instant free retrieval.

Use CourtDrive instead of

Use to do everything you would otherwise do on Not just your cases, but everything in our database is free. Full access to PACER just in case you need it.

Enjoy Saving Time and Money

Enjoy the powerful features and a significantly lower PACER bill. Advanced searching, automation of redundant tasks, bulk downloading, and much more.

ECF Notices on Auto-Pilot

Automatically Saved,
Totally Organized

  •  Pleadings become "Always-Free" Looks
  •  Dockets updated in near real time
  •  Separate claims register just like PACER
  •  Folders automatically created for each case
  •  All PACER queries accessible with 1-click
  •  Completely cloud based
  •  Never pay PACER fees to access your info

PACER Integrated

Eliminate Disjointed Systems
Instant access to all federal records on PACER. Find any case nationwide & access complete dockets, claims and more. Having everything you need in one place causes everyone to adopt a platform quickly and easily.
Significantly Reduce PACER Cost
Your cases along with the millions of records in our community repository are always free. If you ever need something else from Pacer, CourtDrive instantly stores it so you never pay PACER twice for the same thing like you do now.
Stop paying PACER every time you do a search, view a docket, or download a pleading.

Advanced Search

Keyword Searching
Sift through millions of records in seconds by combining keywords with logical operators and filters.
Full Text Seaching Of PDFs
Every PDF in our system is transformed into searchable text so you can find anything, fast.
Save enormous amounts of time finding samples, researching issues, or gathering sets of documents.

Custom Alerts

Alerts Across Cases

Get alerted of new events across all cases based on any keyword.

Alerts on Single Case

No ECF Notices for a case? We've got you covered with email alerts.

Alerts for New Filings

Set your criteria and receive custom reports of newly filed cases

Save Time Without Trying

We Know Which Cases Are Yours
We automatically create a folder for each case. No need to search and go through 5 steps on Pacer to find your cases.
Access Any Case For The Firm, Fast
See who is working on what case and jump right in with a click.
Filter Your Data However You Want
View only the docket and/or claim entries you want based on date, owner, or keyword. Hone in on what you need in seconds.
Save countless hours across the firm by 1-click access to your cases and event-oriented views of case data.

Calendaring Dates Made Easy

Don't Miss Your Dates

  •  Hover over the dotted dates
  •  Add the event to your calendar
  •  Outlook and Google support
  •  Dates from ECF notices captured
  •  Save tons of time effortlessly

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