Take your automation to the next level

CourtDrive automatically syncs your free-look notices AND any PACER downloads into the correct Clio client matter. It's the most reliable and thorough staff member you'll ever hire.

clio integration with courtdrive

More Law Practice. Less Management.

Automatically Download

Whether it's you or your staff, no one should spend time manually trying to download and save PDFs from court notices.

Automatically Rename

Whatever your naming conventions, we got you covered. Customize how your PDFs are named before auto-syncing them with Clio.

Automatically Correct

Every court document gets saved into the correct client matter in Clio, accessible from the documents tab in Clio for that specific matter.

Setup In Minutes

Turn on Clio integration

With the flip of a switch, you're ready to customize your workflow and have PDFs automatically uploaded into Clio just the way you want. No human interaction required after setup.

Set your PDF naming

Choose from a host of dynamic fields and formatting options to auto-rename your PDFs, such as docket entry number, full PDF descriptions, case names, numbers, filing dates, and more!

Sync to correct matter

Easily link the cases you want synced to Clio, and CourtDrive will do the rest. Every PDF will be uploaded to the correct matter in the Clio documents tab.

Do More with CourtDrive

Instant PACER Retrieval

No need to use the pacer.gov website anymore! CourtDrive seamlessly integrates your ECF data with PACER to provide you a complete solution in one place. Search cases nationwide or just a specific court for up to the minute filings. You also have complete access to ALL of PACER’s queries for every case. CourtDrive's suite of tools helps you reduce your PACER expense by over 70%.

Full Text PDF Search

With keyword searching, you can sift through millions of records in seconds by combining keywords with logical operators and filters. Every PDF in our system, from PACER and ECF, is transformed into searchable text so you can find anything. Quickly find samples, research issues, and set alerts.

Calendaring Made Easy

CourtDrive provides powerful calendaring tools by capturing dates from your ECF notices and any PACER docket entries. You may choose to review each date through a daily list, or take advantage of our fully automated sync to your calendar client of choice (via iCal feed). Or just use the built-in CourtDrive calendar!

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Simple Pricing

Volume based pricing designed to minimize expense for your practice

$49/month first 2 users
$20/mo each additional user
$35/month first 2 users
$15/mo each additional user
Higher Volume
Pay as You Go
PDF Uploads to Clio Included
Cost per PDF over amount
10 cents
25 cents
Calendar dates from ECF and Dockets
Access complete dockets
Mobile optimized notice distribution
Full text PDF search
Research tools and access
Alerts for dockets, cases & more
Unlimited support and training
* Pricing above is special promotional pricing for Clio customers and requires use of our Clio integration*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CourtDrive part of Clio's App Directory as an approved integrated partner?

Yes! You can find CourtDrive in Clio's App directory here.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Free trials are for new customers only. You must be an attorney or law firm to get a free trial. You can signup above, and your free trial starts immediately upon signup. At the end of the 14 days, your card will get charged unless you cancel. You may cancel anytime by logging in and clicking "cancel" under the subscriptions section of your account settings.

Is the included number of PDF uploads to Clio cumulative per user?

Yes. For example, if you buy 3 users on the Pro plan, then your firm gets a total of 750 PDFs uploads per month. Unused uploads do NOT carry over or accumulate in any way.

What gets synced to Clio?

Any "free-look" PDFs from your ECF notices and any PDF you download from our PACER interface will get uploaded to Clio. You can decide which cases you want synced. You do not have to sync everything, but you can if you want.

Will my pleadings show up in their respective client matters on Clio?

Yes - right under the documents tab in a Clio matter.

How quickly will my pleadings show up in Clio?

PDFs are uploaded to Clio within minutes, often even less than one-minute depending on the size of the files.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. CourtDrive provides a month to month service, so you can cancel anytime. If you cancel you will be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.

Do I need to use the PACER.gov website for anything?

No. Our solution integrates a complete PACER gateway, so if you need to check PACER, you can do so with 1-2 clicks without leaving our site. Any charges you incur to import PACER data will pass through to your PACER account.